Baylor University and the Dr. Pepper Museum are situated in historic Waco, Texas. The roots of Waco
are based in the cotton industry of the 1800s and the rail road boosted the economy. Tourism has has
helped boost the economy within the city as the area is scenic and offers a reflective viewpoint of
south-western American history. A visit to historic Waco will leave a lasting impression. According to “Since 2014, Waco has gained fame because of the hugely popular HGTV show
Fixer Upper, starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, a Waco couple who rehabilitate historic properties
across the city.”
In 1993 in Axtell, Texas, which is a neighbour to Waco, a 51-day standoff between Alcohol Tobacco and
Firearms (ATF) agents and a religious group known as the Branch Dividians occurred. Commonly
credited to occurring in Waco as it is a more recognizable location in Texas. Waco is home to a
regionally popular municipal zoo, the popular Texas Sports Hall of Fame, and the Texas Ranger Hall of
Fame and Museum. For a little fun in Waco, pay a visit to Baylor’s Mayborn Museum Complex, which
includes a natural history museum and a historic village.
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